Ok, we are all adults now, we have good paid job, families and maybe children already, we have plans instead of dreams, we have a lot to do in life, many responsibilities, and no time just to stop and think of our lives. Have your childish dreams come true? Have you become a person, you wanted to be? When we were young we used to write letter to Santa Claus, asking for presents, we wanted to have. Now we don’t need presents, because we can just buy them.

But what do we want? I know how to find it out. Write a letters to Santa Claus now. Just sit, take a sheet of paper and a pen, instead of laptop, and write this letter. He is a magical hero of our childhood, he made our wishes and dreams come true, he knows us very well, because he was watching the whole process of our adolescence, that’s why he knows us the best and he is a kind of our really good friend. And in our life, whole of duty and responsibility we need a moment, when we can think of our life and tell about it to our good friend. In this letter you won’t ask for presents, but there are more important things in life, that you cannot manage on your own. And if you write it, you don’t need to send it, because you already know, what you should do, to change your life. Sadly we are not writing letters now, because it’s easier and faster to send an email, but writing a letter is a magical process, which can create a miracle. And such a miracle we really need in our adult life.