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This world is fillled with sins. People sin every day and the sins of these are hard to count. Today we add another small sin to this huge list - a sin of saying, that there is no time. Nobody is too busy to find some free time. Nobody, compared with following man. This man lives in the north with his wife. He runs a large factory making toys. He trains unusual animals, not to combat, but to transsport. He dresses in red. It sounds strange, so let's get to the details. He lives at the North Pole with his wife, oversees the work of the toy factory where happily singing elves work and he trains reindeers, so  once a year they can took him on a journey around the world, pulling his sleigh filled with many gifts, because the factory elves annually produced over 8 billions of presents (just enough for everyhuman being on Earth). Despite a "quite busy schedule" (yes, Santa Claus himself calls it that way!) Santa Claus still finds some more time for decent behavior, the lack of which you can add to the list of sins. And what decent behavior it is, you night wanna ask. Well, we call decent behavior replying for letters. And this is what Santa Claus is doing for years, leaving no letter unanswered. Historically, it looked maybe a bit different, but with the introduction of the Internet, copy and paste options, and after signing up for the course fast typing on the keyboard (yes, he also found time, shame on you, you do not have time for anything!) Santa Claus is answering for each letter. Anyone can receive letters from Santa Claus. And more and more people receive letter from Santa Claus, because getting them is very easy - just write to him! Are you surprises, that it is you who need to write first? Do not be cheeky, if he finds time to answer all the letters, you may want to write to him first, right?

Grab your pens and pencils! Sit down with your smartphones, your PCs and your tablets. Please write, write, write letters to Santa Claus and get letters! The very phrase "letters from Santa Claus" seems to be quite abstract, but it's true - letters from Santa Claus exists, and you can get them today. So if you still hesitate whether you will certainly find some free time to write to Santa Claus, remember that he found time not only for the course of fast typewritting, but he also goes to the gym (photos, which appear in December are not present - now Santa is fit as hell), sign language and to learn making sushi. If one guy finds time for it all, has a wife, the herd of the animals and the cluster of kids (yes, although this is something rarely said), then you without a dout can find time for a bit of an effort, which will bring you to receive letters from Santa uk.